Ep.11 – “Dead Pope Society”

Six months after the series finale and one day before friend and colleague Harrison Milo Rahajason left for France, he and Tristan D’Amours recorded this episode. Branded as Ep.11, Tristan and Harrison review The Young Pope as a whole and preview what they know about The New Pope while drinking Cherry Coke Zero.

Also appearing on the show: The Third Kit podcast co-host Alexander Perez and Frederick D’Amours, Tristan’s brother.


Ep.10 – Habemus Pod Series Finale (ft. Brian Lapuz)

At last! The show that was supposed to last for two months ended up lasting eight. For the tenth and last episode of Habemus Pod – A Show about HBO’s The Young Pope, Tristan D’Amours and Harrison Milo Rahajason welcome Brian Lapuz. Spoilers, questioning and Gutierrez fandom are expected.

Update: What’s up with the Upford Network?

Episode 10 couldn’t happen this week, we’re sorry! Instead, Harrison Milo Rahajason calls in from Paris to join Tristan D’Amours and soon-to-be host of an Upford Network podcast Safia Ahmad! They go over the Upford Network’s crowdfunding campaign, some of the perks that you can get and The Scrum podcast’s and Up For Discussion’s live shows!

Ep.9 – “The Younger Pope”

For the second to last show of the “watch HBO’s The Young Pope and then talk about it” portion of this podcast, Tristan D’Amours and Harrsion Milo Rahajason welcome Tom Zalatnai a.k.a Producer Tom!

On the this episode: Reminiscing on Spencer, abortion talk and Lenny as a kid and how it could be a prequel. Yeah, surprisingly we talk about all of that.

Ep.8 – “Ciao Antonia!”

For episode eight, Tristan D’Amours and Harrison Milo Rahajason welcome TWO guest viewers! The first, Jonathan Caragay Cook, questions Jude Law’s jersey accent from his Jersey point of view. The second, Frederick D’Amours, appears for the first time on one of his brother’s podcasts. On the show this week: A lot of questioning about why the series chose to invent an African country. Like, why? Also, nuns with guns.

Ep.7 – “He sniffed his fake parents.”

For episode seven of Habemus Pod – A Podcast about HBO’s The Young Pope, Tristan D’Amours and Harrison Milo Rahajason welcome Lucinda Marshall-Kiparissis a.k.a Lucy, host of The Belldog on CJLO 1690 AM!

Lots to talk to in this episode including a lot of things surrounding Cardinal Andrew Dussolier in good, bad and then very bad. Kids, don’t fuck around with drug lords okay?

Ep.6 – “He dropped a fucking baby!”

The Pope drops a fucking baby, what more can you ask for? This week on episode six of Habemus Pod — A show about HBO’s The Young Pope, Tristan D’Amours and Harrison Milo Rahajason welcome guest viewer Kelsey Litwin, former Editor-in-chief of The Link now working in various places and all-around awesome person!

This week on the show: Harrison has no voice and does his best to sound like colleague Bill Simmons, we wonder if anyone on the show *doesn’t* have the hots for Sister Mary and the Cherry Coke Zero Character of the Episode just got a lot fizzier.